Noah’s Ark Boasts New Features

noah's ark new features We’re re-launching Noah’s Ark Playable Coloring Book! Version 2.0 will not only be available for iOS devices – we have expanded to Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Users can now color, play, and learn Noah’s Ark Playable Coloring Book across multiple platforms.

The new version of the app is enhanced to benefit the user and their experience: we have added kid-friendly menu buttons, provided ways to share your unique creation, expanded the color palette to include 40 different colors, and refreshed the color picker with innovative technology that enables the user to choose colors quicker and more efficiently. The app’s features have been intensified and heightened to provide your child with endless entertainment.

One thought on “Noah’s Ark Boasts New Features

  1. Please offer new apps with other Bible lessons. Daniel & lions den would be great. Also Christmas story. My 3 ye old niece never tires of this app!

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